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  2. The Atlantis-style myths that turned out to be true
  3. ARC Review – Child of a Hidden Sea by A.M. Dellamonica | Cherry Blossoms & Maple Syrup
  4. Chapter One

Terror jolted through her. She drew breath to scream, only to feel the spank of the sea, a wet fist of concrete between her shoulder blades, stinging even as it slowed her fall.

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She plunged beneath the waves, head first. This, at least, was her element. Despite the fear and disbelief—the ocean? I made it to the water? Reaching out with the grace of long practice, arms extended, her body twisted to break her downward momentum.

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A jerk—the arm—brought the motion short. Weight pulled her downward. The nylon strap of her camera case, looped around her wrist, had snagged something heavy.

The Atlantis-style myths that turned out to be true

She tried to slide it off, but there was no slack. Instead, she yanked up her skirt with her free hand, clearing her legs and scissor-kicking for the surface.


One, two. For a frightening moment, she made no headway. Then she, the camera case, and whatever it had hooked all started moving upward. Sophie broke water, blowing to clear her nose and mouth, inhaling deeply. You can read the full excerpt online HERE.

Buy the Book: click on the links to purchase. Thea James is half of the maniacal book review duo behind The Book Smugglers. By day, she does digital operations things over at Penguin Random House. That sounds promising! I had been wondering about what this author did with it and was looking forward to your review.

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Wow, Child of the Hidden Sea sounds like a great fantasy story! Oh, I just finished this one! It was a lot of fun, too. And, without being too spoilery, I quite liked the way the heir-and-prophecy angle was resolved. Here, it works like you would expect— it works as long as the batteries hold out! And Sophie takes full advantage. Estara Swanberg — heh, I was looking at this one today and thinking exactly the same thing! I, too, am being pulled in by that lovely cover. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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  • Hidden Sea Tales Series by A.M. Dellamonica.
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  • This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Dellamonica Posted on September 1, How did I get this book: Review Copy from the Publisher Format e- or p- : Print Review Copy Why did I read this book: I was sucked in, superficially, by the awesome cover art, and the hidden world aspect of the book.


    ARC Review – Child of a Hidden Sea by A.M. Dellamonica | Cherry Blossoms & Maple Syrup

    Review: Experienced diver, marine biologist, and adopted daughter Sophie Hansa has always felt something missing from her life. Child of a Hidden Sea by A. By Thea. Estara Swanberg September 1, at pm That sounds promising! Amaryllis September 2, at am Oh, I just finished this one! Seriously tremendously gratifying to behold. Probably the best cover of I had to have it.

    Following in the footsteps of the great C. Lewis, Dellamonica pushes the genre further, makes the protagonist a far more realistic one, and delivers a superb book. Sophie Hansa, said protagonist, is adopted and searches out her biological family. The attempted murder or Gale Feliachild is soon discovered to be part of a conspiracy that could shake the world out of its current hundred-plus years of peace and into war.

    Stormwrack is, as far as this narrative suggests, entirely a water-world, with small islands here and there. The way Dellamonica portrays how a society that lives on ships could work, fantastical and primitive as it is, is grandly thought out.

    Chapter One

    The lingering mystery about the world of Stormwrack and how it came to be is hugely interesting. But some characters who are aware of the Earth or place Sophie is from refer to it as Erstwhile. This suggests Stormwrack does exist in the future, as well as does the title Stormwrack — it makes it sound as though a great storm wracked the earth. To scrip something means to literally write down a spell or order that sets a certain thing or intention into motion.

    I hope the next book goes into that a bit better. Sophie Hansa is a great character, proactive and relatable. In many ways, as the voice of the book, I feel this is also A. It has a sort of wonderment, a whimsy. As Sophie discovers the world and all its magic brilliance, so too does Dellamonica. But when it comes to some of the other characters — Tonio, Parrish, Annela — I feel their voices, their dialogue is interchangeable. Sophie does do better in this respect by the end of the novel. The cover depicts a half ferret, half snake hybrid, and I really wanted this to show up more prominently, but it only showed up on occasion.

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    • But all in all, what a fun novel. If you need a break from the pervasive grimdark we see all over the place, take a load off your shoulders and just enjoy Child of a Hidden Sea. Grab this in Hardcover eBook. What a great review!