PDF Parenting the Millennial Generation: Guiding Our Children Born between 1982 and 2000

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  3. The Millennial Generation, "Keep Calm and Carry On" (Part 6 of 7)
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Learn to build a savings account. They were taught that they would be going to college at a very young age, it was never if you decide to go, it was where are you going. It was not shoved down their throats it was just the mindset, taught as we have taught the all other crucial lessons in life. Taught that there is repercussions for poor decisions, and they are responsible for those decisions. And I know my grandchildren will be learning these same values.

I always find this age bracket interesting. I was born in 31 years old. The internet was not being used at that point at least not in the area that I grew up in. Honestly, it matters not to me whether I am called a millennial or not. What is agitating is that people generalize that millennials are lazy, unsuccessful and disconnected. Will the real Millennials please stand up! Supposedly, the term is reserved for people born between and However, if you listen to talk radio or media in general, it seems that the term is only applied to the absolute youngest of Millennials or even to young children.

David A. Verhaagen

For example, the education director of the school where I work as a teacher seemed surprised to find out that I was in fact a Millennial and the kids we teach in the school are not old enough to be Millennials. For this reason, I am uncomfortable with the term in general. Besides, what massive similarities does a 30 year old have in common with an 18 year old?

Both are Millennials, but age and life experience greatly shape an individual. All of Gen Y remembers a time before the internet and smart phones.

Who are they?

I remember having to go to the library to do research in actual books. The problem here is that the latter half of Gen Y was raised in a time when technology was advancing rapidly in a very short period of time and we were young enough to learn along with it with roughly the same speed; but we still have memories of playing outside, being home by the time the street lights came on, playing unorganized sports, reading real paper books, etc.

Since technology advanced so rapidly in a short period of time Gen Y is nostalgic for simpler times without technology ruling our lives. We grew up with the American dream being told that we could be anything if we worked hard enough — but then the housing bubble burst and we went into a recession. Gen Y is bitter because we were told to dream and work hard so we did but he have little to show for it. I only play the games by how much fun they are not by graphics. I always try my best in school and to respect my elders.


Complete BS, all of it! How does anyone box an entire group of people into these small undefined and limited boxes? Everything about those seperate time periods were different. Those times were a complete from the technology, social norms, music, art, and culture of I did t even own a computer until , nor a cell phone until I had already served 5 years in the Army by this point, and some of you social engineering types are trying to say that I might possibly belong in the same cohort of youth as someone who had just been born during this time?

Complete nonsense! I too have been corrected as I was using the word millennium. Thanks so much. Good article and comments. Focus recruiting and hiring on finding people who can perform the job duties required. Surely that can be done. Sorry if this has already been said. Can I understand that Millenials are those born between between and ? Ahmed — That is correct. According to Pew Research Center although other organizations use a different year range , Millennials were born between — Thanks — Lindsey.

Can someone please explain to me when the generation dates changed. BOOM we are all apparently the millennial generation? So, when did the dates change for this? Inquiring minds want to know. Michelle — I understand your confusion. There are a lot of different definitions out there about generational age ranges. In fact, my most trusted source, Pew Research Center, just changed their definition of Millennial.

I think the best approach is to look at the date ranges and then apply your own feelings about which generation, if any, feels applicable to you. Thanks for commenting!

The Millennial Generation, "Keep Calm and Carry On" (Part 6 of 7)

Why do people believe pew research when it comes to cutoffs. Nobody lives exactly the same way and experience things differently than others so how can you any of this be actually true. I am a Baby Boomer who spent the last five years working with and under people in the age range associated with the Millennial generation. Millennials get a bad rap. Mostly from the baby boomers and beyond. If they can find a quicker more efficient way of doing it, they will, even if it goes against the company rules. Just like all of us, they want things.

They work hard for less pay then we did at their age and get less. They want to be paid more so they can have stuff.

Just like the Baby Boomers. Boomer College Graduates could anticipate triple digit salaries with the right degree. Currently companies have all gone to call centers, calling them careers and paying half what Boomers could get. They just want the same. I also think they are way more innovative and creative. It could be a result of having been raised on technology.

Things move quickly and so do they.

5 editions of this work

They work well in teams and yes, they do like to have fun. They have never had to go to war, experience a depression or some of the major struggles our forefathers did while growing up. Their parents got divorced at a rapid rate and so marriage is not a high priority. They are smarter than Boomers and more highly educated. I think we all need to get up to speed and jump on board. Millennial a great generation with great ideas. Layke — Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

I really appreciate your positivity. I know this is an older article but I just found it, but the only reason I hate the term Millennial is because of all the negativity that centers around it.

Conversations in the Commons with Peter Beinart: Understanding Election 2016

I do know what it was like to grow up without technology and I was born in I spent most of my time outside as a kid. Everyone seems to blame us for everything even though things now are very different than they were when they were growing up. The same generation that gives us all of the blame is usually the same generation that raised us.

It makes a big difference. Millennial seems to have more of a negative spin than what Gen Y did, albeit those negatives comments started with Y but seemed to spiral out of control with the term millennial. I feel like my generation is composed of two groups — those who are misinformed and complacent with the current state of the political and economic challenges unique to us I live in the USA, if that helps to clarify , and those who are beginning to fight back. We are a generation of science, and knowledge, because of the growth in technology we have seen, but a generation that was not born into the advancements such as phone GPS, FaceTime, internet on cell phones, etc.

Instead, we have watched these things come to be. We are a generation of greater capability than ever before, but unfortunately, a generation where many are victims of misinformation steadily being fed to us by our leaders. I have hope for this generation, and see it as the generation of change.

I emailed Cristin Padgett, an openly-atheist Millennial in Texas, for her opinion on what Maguire wrote.