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Beautiful things happen every day. And we miss them.

The sun rises and we are still in bed pressing the snooze. The lightning bugs light up backyards on a summer evening and we are still washing the dishes and settling in to relax before bed. Incredible occurrences happen every day regardless of if we see them and they occur in moments when we are not paying attention. Today, we were paying attention.


We rearranged our entire day to witness something so rare and beautiful. We packed turkey sandwiches, topped off our coffee thermos, and navigated gravel back roads to reach a point that would allow us to experience a total solar eclipse covering the United States from coast to coast — for the first time in 99 years. And without any doubt, it was worth it. Rakuen Official Soundtrack by Laura Shigihara.

Haunting and yet high on whimsy, these vocals and instrumentals are signature Laura Shigihara stuff. Another Time by Femme Vanille.

Tori Kelly - Something Beautiful (Audio)

Spunky songwriting wrapped up in luscious vocals and beautifully baroque-pop arrangements. An album focused on the symptomatology of trauma, a pattern of experiences marked by a fragmentation of the self.


Something Beautiful

Trust Me, It's by CandiceLynn. Minimalist vaporwave has groove in its heart. Temporadas by Quinn Lamont Luke. Explore music. Purchasable with gift card.